"I can't sing mikes praises enough. I was sure my transmission was shot. I do basketball courts all over the state. I put MILES on my van no joke. I took in my van and later that day mike called me and said sorry dude not your transmission. You have a voltage problem. I was ready to have to replace the whole thing. Mike recommend a shop that could help with the problem at hand. The recommendation was a solid gold. $150 bucks later in back on the road. Mike is a rare breed. As a consumer I'm always ready to be bent over the wood pile when my vehicles break down and the experience I recived at Mikes restored my faith in humanity. I will never take my transmissions Matinance and care anywhere else. Do not hesitate. Take it to Mike!!!!!! "

"Mike is such an honest guy. I had my clutch burn out. He gave me an awesome clutch and at a much cheaper price than any other place and gave me my flywheel machined as part of the low price! I have not have problem since with my clutch three years later. I have since taken my car to him because of a code it was throwing and mike diagnosed it for free. Happened to be something not with the transmission and cost me $80 to fix. He is amazing and honest. you can trust that when you take your car here he is not trying to rip you off in any way!!!"

"So I gave Mike's a five star review two years ago. (see below) Since that time I have referred several people to this shop and have had my wife's car in as well. This month my 430,000 mile transmission had finally had enough and had to be rebuilt. First let me say that Mike had extended the life of my transmission by over 100,000 mile with the previous low cost repairs. Second let me say that Google reviews does not have enough stars. Mike came in on budget (actually a bit below budget) and that included upgraded components. If you have a Dodge Cummins diesel, this is your transmission guy. It's what he drives and he knows them end to end. Just continued great service so I had to provide this update. 12/16/15

Wow! What a pleasant surprise. My very high mileage truck began to have difficulty shifting out of 1st gear. I assumed my borrowed time was up and I would have to get a rebuild. We brought the truck to Mike on Wednesday morning. Before lunch he had completed the free diagnostics and let me know that the problem could be fixed for about 20% of what a rebuild would have cost me. Even better, I picked the truck back up on Thursday afternoon! Really fast, very reasonable and clearly honest as he could have just hit me for the full rebuild. This is likely the best auto repair experience I have ever had."

"Mike saved me from getting ripped off at Aamco. I called Mike's after I got a quote from Aamco to rebuild my transmission. He answered all my questions about transmission repair and the costs even though I had no plans to take my car to his shop. When I thought Aamco might be taking advantage of me, I showed up at his shop for a second opinion. I was prepared to put a new transmission in my car. Mike pulled the diagnostic codes (which were the same codes that showed up at Aamco) and informed me it might just be a bad switch. He replaced the switch. Total cost parts and labor, $159. His honesty literally saved me thousands of dollars. I am so happy I brought my car to Mike's."

"I took my 2011 Kia Sorento in after it starting shifting funny. Mike took it all day, drove it and did reproduce the problem. He also hooked it up to his computers and since no warning light was on it didn't pick anything up. He spend hours on my vehicle, but because he couldn't find the problem he charged me nothing for his time. Mike is a stand up guy."

"I visited a transmission shop, Mike's Transmissions. I immediately had a good feeling from Mike himself and he stated he would do a diagnosis on the transmission and give me an estimate and there would be no charge. I could decide what to do then. He called back in about 1 1/2 hours and told me what he had found. About 2 hours later the repair was done and a new friend gave me a ride there.

I talked with Mike a bit and determined that not only was he a very nice and honest guy, he really knew his business. Also I feel if he did not know how to do a job or felt he couldn't, he would NOT do it. Very recommended shop! So remember, wait until Albuquerque before you have any transmission problems. "
- Traveling through town "